Oh, The Rich: Why? Because They Suck

"The rich are different, aren't they?" F. Scott Fitzgerald famously asked. They are. I met a rich person recently. And while she was nice enough, she had a complete disconnect from reality. But she did offer an insight into the rich person’s world. They, rich people, actually think that THEIR lot in life is more miserable than say, a homeless person's. I know, right? But it’s true! They'll say things like, "That homeless person, they don't have to worry about the endless upkeep and maintenance on a 20,000 square foot home with ten bedrooms! And then the taxes!” Haha! And then this: “And when you're rich, people hate you for some reason!” (She actually said this, unabashed, without an ounce o

If Only There Were Angels: A New Cocktail to Soothe Our Aloneness

“I'm the first to admit that this world we live in is both the rock and the hard place, but even I don't rely on delusions, myths, and fabrications for salvation. The sooner we get real is the sooner we can make things better, here in this reality, where no angels or gods are going to save us.”
 —Kevin Kunundrum “My Guardian Angle is obtuse.”
 —Kevin Kunundrum That's the new drink above. (!!!) Here's what inspired it... "Life need not be hard. You do not need to struggle. Guides can help you help yourself. Remember to ask, for we can only assist you when you ask for assistance. You will be helped in every area of your life. Your guide will help you acquire all the tools you need to make yo

Above the Swirling Chaos: A New Drink in the "Scaffa" Style

"We are separate from everything around us, but a part of it all. The deceptions & manipulations, the self-serving ambition, the arbitrary cruelty, the senseless destruction of the beautiful, as well as the selfless caring, the anonymous acts of goodwill, the striving against what seems insuperable, the hope in the face of a life that is both fragile & finite. We are the endless facets that make up a human being. Like a shattered mirror pieced together, the reflection may be flawed but it's true nonetheless, the cracks in the glass allowing our truest selves to emerge." —Kevin Postupack, Uglynakedbeast ABOVE THE SWIRLING CHAOS 1 part Russell’s Reserve 10 Years-Old
 Kentucky Straight Bourb

She Blinded Me With Science: An Empirically Good Cocktail

The Scientific Method is all about replicating the experiment. It’s not subjective. It’s not anecdotal. If the guy doing the experiment is a really nice fellow with a winning personality but his conclusions are whack, the experiment is invalid. And even if something has been proven again and again, scientists keep at it, to further test the hypothesis, to see if it still holds water. How many times has Einstein’s Theory of Relativity been challenged in the past hundred years? But it still holds up. Because he got it right. Because Science is not about opinions or popularity or whatever’s fashionable. It’s about approaching that which is immutable. It’s about objective truth in the scientific

Swedish Fish Martini: Yeah, You Heard That Right

A busy market in Stockholm where fresh Swedish Fish are sold. A martini should have a bite to it. After all, it’s all alcohol—gin (or vodka) and extra dry vermouth, with that olive (or two or three) to balance out the flavors. So it is disturbing to this particular mixologist, moi, the current trend of calling any drink served in a cocktail glass “a martini”. See BLOG post for March 8, 2016: In Search of the Perfect Martini. So with this in mind, it may seem like a contradiction, this BLOG post, and my newest cocktail creation being called just that. Well, in my, and its, defense, the character of my new drink is that of a martini: that being dry with a bite. And it is mostly gin. And after

Grace Jones: Angular, Amari, Amazing!

Sometimes there are are things that are so transcendentally cool, otherworldly, and badass that they render all that has gone before redundant and superfluous. The Theory of Relativity? Who cares! The Declaration of Independence? Big whoop! Just look at that! The iconic photo above was all that was needed to inspire this new drink. Who was as cool and badass as Grace Jones? Maybe Miles Davis and Jimmy Page? But outside of them, few others. I’m proud to say that this is one of my most delicious cocktail creations. Enjoy. GRACE JONES 1 part Cynar
 1 part Luxardo Amaro Abano
 ½ part Averna
 ½ part Sloe Gin liberal dashes of Fee Brothers Black Walnut bitters

 Stir over ice, then pour

Incoming: A New Cocktail to Beat Back Entropy

Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics states that “the total entropy of an isolated system can only increase over time.” Great! Things fall apart, regardless of all of our efforts to the contrary. For example, today my toilet broke. Well, not broke exactly, but it now takes fifteen minutes (instead of 15 seconds) for its water to fill up again after a flush. And after a visit to the local hardware store and advice on how to rectify it (the "thingie" is clogged), I came home and dove into the toilet, so to speak, to beat back entropy. That’s the thing with entropy, it always gets worse. Why can't Newton’s Second Law state that while you’re sitting around at home minding your own business, all

The Sorry Lot of the Artist: A New Drink to Ease the Pain

This drink doesn’t make it any easier. In fact, there’s a kick to it and a slowburn that moves steadily towards the back of your throat. At first, you have your doubts. But you take another sip, then another, and you realize that if it were easy, as the saying goes, then everyone would do it. This is about being in it for the long haul, and it asks you if you’ve got what it takes… THE SORRY LOT OF THE ARTIST 1½ part Bulleit Rye Whiskey ½ part Fernet-Branca
 ½ part Green Chartreuse
 ½ part Aperol
 dash of Peychaud’s bitters

 Stir over ice. Pour into a chilled
 cocktail glass. Garnish with a Tillen Farms 
Bada Bing cherry on a stem. An Extemporaneous Essay on Artists & Art by Kevin Kun

A New Cocktail for When Fighting the Good Fight is Not Enough

Vincent Van Gogh famously stated, "Indeed, life is a battle." He knew what he was talking about, being the definitive struggling artist who sold only one painting in his lifetime; who went crazy, cut off his own ear, and died by his own hand. The arbitrariness of life... that for some, they remain invisible, while for others, the cornucopia of plenty is poured upon them. The blithe indifference of the universe, with no rhyme or reason, other than it just is. Indeed, it is a sorry lot, to be an artist. But to ease the pain before the eternal solace, I offer this drink. An absolutely wondrous variation on a martini, dry and smooth and bitterly tastefully delicious, with the hint of something b

Basic Black: A Fashionable New Drink That's Never Out of Style

BASIC BLACK ¾ part Tito’s Vodka
 ¾ part Broker’s London Dry Gin 
¾ part Romana Black
 ½ part Fernet-Branca
 splash of Averna Stir over ice to chill. Pour into an elegant, chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a slice of Jicama on the rim. "Basic Black" in color... And be sure to check out these other designer drinks... The Lawyers Here Can’t Dress For Shit: A New Cocktail With Style Haute Couture: A New Designer Cocktail Grace Jones: Angular, Amari, Amazing! and this related BLOG post: The Audrey Hepburn: A Classy Cocktail

Starfruit Martini: When Things Just Go Wrong

This is for those days when, regardless of all your efforts, things just go awry. Upon first glance, you see what looks like a happy, positive drink, all bright and sunshiny yellow, with that happy star on the rim like a smiley face. You bring the glass to your lips, but then you taste it. Not sweet at all. In fact, it’s on the dry and bitter side—it is a martini after all. Another sip, and you sense its subtlety, the complex flavors at play, perfectly balanced, with nothing seeking dominance—a martini like no other. And then it hits you… It’s not about distracting you from life and its vicissitudes with Pollyannic sweetness. And as you finish it, you realize that the only way out is through

A Drink For Jack Morgan on the Event of His Birthday: To Die Penniless Looking at Stars

The flag flies often at half mast. Last time it stayed like that for fifty years. In America we just keep it there because tragedy is how we roll and we like to be reminded by giant symbols writhing in the wind. When we beat the shit out of someone, we take them to a station in the woods where we weigh their wallets and their carcasses and high-five because that’s how we were raised, to destroy beauty like a flagpole. We build you up to tear you down then we kick you until you never want to stand all the way up again. This is my present to you, dear friend, a drink to recall happy, hopeful days. The adventures we shared still animate my soul. For those who don't know, Jack Mor

Haute Couture: A New Designer Cocktail

“The sight or sound of perfect things causes a certain suffering." —Adrienne Monnier “Every day is my fashion show and the world is my runway.” —Coco Chanel “Fashions fade. Style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”
 —Bill Cunningham “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”
 —Harry Winston Life is too short to wear boring clothes, to say goodbye to sexy, to opt for frumpy. Fashion and style say yes to life, and to a kin

Retro Cocktail for March: Sidecar

As with so many classic cocktails that predate Prohibition, the exact origin of this month’s RETRO COCKTAIL, the "Sidecar”, is unclear. The Ritz Bar in Paris, as well as Buck’s Club in London, both lay claim, as do several famous bartenders. The story I like best is that it was inspired by an American Army Captain during The Great War (later WWI). Legend holds that he sped up to his favorite bar in Paris on his motorcycle, and the drink was named for its sidecar.

 There are many variations of this famous cocktail, such as the choice of cognac or brandy, as well as the ratios of the three ingredients: Brandy, Cointreau, lemon juice. “The French School” holds with equal parts to all three,

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