Three New Cocktails for the New Year!

KEVIN'S COCKTAILS will be going on hiatus (as I will be immersed in writing my newest novel). But I want to leave you with three beautiful and delicious cocktails. Enjoy! And be sure to check out my writing @ THAT BABE IN HAMBURG 1½ parts Stolichnaya Vodka
 ½ part Triple Sec
 ¼ part Noilly Prat Extra Dry Vermouth
 splash of Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur 
½ part Schweppes Tonic Water 
¼ part fresh-squeezed Lemon juice
 dash of Hella Bitters Citrus bitters Shake all but the Tonic over ice. Stir in Tonic. 
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. CHARTREUSE MARTINI 2½ parts Hendrick’s Gin
 ½ part Green Chartreuse 
splash of Shrub District Lime Cocktail Vinegar Shake

Alcoholism as a Branch of Philosophy

“Vodka is this miracle elixir... this panacea.” “Yes it is.” “An’ you can make it out of anything,” says Ace Buckland. “You can make vodka out of recycled paper.” “Hmm...” “You can make vodka out of regrets an’ lamentations. You can make vodka out of sins in the confessional. You can make vodka out of sloughed off skin an’ impure thoughts.” Alex turns to Manny. “He’s on a roll.” “Sí.” “I think alcoholism should be reclassified as another branch of Philosophy,” Ace continues. “Like Solipsism... Absurdism... Alcoholism!... Fuck the DSM!” “Yeah, fuck the DSM!” says Alex. “Fuck the DSM!” says Manny, although from his expression he has no idea what the DSM is. “It sure beats Nihilism!”

Retro Cocktail for December: B&W Russian

At the end of the Second World War, there was a charmed moment between America and the Soviet Union, before the Cold War set in and put us on a path of mutually assured destruction. Before the nuke measuring and fingers hovering over the button and imminent WWIII, there was an appreciation of our allies, the Ruskies, who helped us kick the Nazis’ butts and save the world. Consequently, many American GIs returned home as budding Russophiles, with a respect for Russian tenacity and grit, not to mention a newfound love of vodka. Before the war, few in the U.S. knew of this clear, potent, put-hair-on-the-chest spirit. But after VE Day, it was that new guy in the bar whom everyone wanted to meet.

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