Margarita-Mania! Olé! The Quest for the Perfect Margarita

Since last summer, I have been working on perfecting my own version of a Margarita, and it was realized in February (just in time for "National Margarita Day") with the addition of "the secret ingredient". When creating a cocktail, it is often the subtle final flourish that brings it all together—that unexpected addition, that splash of liqueur, that dash of bitters—and suddenly it's complete, like a painting after that final brush stroke, when you stand back, nod your head, and smile to yourself, content. ¡Eso es!


2 parts Tres Agaves Tequila

1/3 part Yellow Chartreuse ("the secret ingredient") ¼ part Cointreau

¾ part Tres Agaves Organic Agave* Nectar 

1 part fresh-squeezed Lime juice Shake over ice. Strain into a rocks 
glass (salted rim optional). Garnish with a lime wheel.

*For a drink less sweet use ½ part Agave Nectar.

For a FROZEN MARGARITA put all ingredients plus four or five ice cubes in a blender and blend! Salud!

"Manny's Marvelous Margarita" immediately after being consumed. Muy bueno! Another, por favor!


The Secret Ingredient! (So beautiful & delicious... and expensive!)


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