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Retro Cocktail for December: B&W Russian

December 1, 2017

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The Insomnia Buddy: A Cocktail to Enjoy on Those Sleepless Nights

March 26, 2016



"The Insomnia Buddy", delicious in its simplicity, is one of the signature drinks from my memoir TALES OF INSOMNIA DESPAIR & THE PERFECT COCKTAIL. Here are the opening paragraphs from the chapter entitled "The Insomnia Buddy". To read the rest, buy the book (see link above).



In the quest for the perfect cocktail, sometimes being open to what’s behind the bottle you’re looking for can make all the difference. I wanted a Vodka & Tonic. Nothing fancy. Just an old-school classic V&T, but as I reached for the tonic water in the fridge, I saw the bottle of Lillet Blanc standing there, beckoning. What if... the question that launched all great human endeavors, made me grab the tonic with one hand and the Lillet Blanc with the other. A V&T with a shot of Lillet! I hadn’t heard of such a thing, but it was evening, darkness, an autumn moon outside, the stage set for a new cocktail experience. And I was due. The anniversary of Michelle’s death was looming, and the insomnia had kicked into overdrive. A cocktail (or two or three) had become my sine qua non, with a couple of Melatonins washed down with a shot of something smooth as a chaser, if there was to be any hope of shut-eye.


The ritual begins. The ice tossed in. The wonderful sound this makes, this not quite ringing, not quite tinkling, as the ice cubes resound against the metal shaker. Do two or three cocktails in a row constitute alcoholism, or is this just the product of the serious, dedicated mixologist, for no one’s ever accused me of being a dilettante. Besides, since Michelle died, the INSOMNIA has taken on all capital letters. And now the second anniversary of that horrible day was almost here. The thing is, I always loved the Fall, especially October. The crisp air, the colored leaves, football and the World Series. But now I dreaded the days, and especially the nights, as two hours of sleep was all I could manage. And yes, there is a correlation between lack of sleep and a desire to drink a lot, but I’m not your garden variety alcoholic. More like the scientist using his life-altering tragedy as a springboard for creativity. (Or so goes the rationalization.)





2 parts Tito’s Vodka  
1 part Lillet Blanc
¼ part fresh-squeezed Lime juice
1½ parts Schweppes Tonic Water

Shake the first three ingredients over ice, then stir in the Tonic Water. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an artistic,
well-crafted lime twist.

                                                                     Ah, Lillet Blanc!






























                                                                      Vodka from Texas! Yee-haw!


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