Down For The Count: A New Negroni

In celebration of "National Negroni Week" (June 6 through June 12), I offer to you a new twist on Count Negroni's famous creation. Hendrick's Gin, Vya Sweet Vermouth, and a variation on the Campari part of the recipe: the artichoke bitterness of Cynar, balanced by the bittersweet vibrancy of Aperol (with a splash of Crème Yvette for exotic flavor). And as the finishing touch, a dash of grapefruit bitters. Enjoy!

DOWN FOR THE COUNT 1 part Hendrick’s Gin 
1 part Vya Sweet Vermouth
 ½ part Cynar
 ½ part Aperol 
splash of Crème Yvette 
dash of Scrappy’s Grapefruit bitters Stir over ice. Pour into a rocks glass. 
Garnish with an orange twist.


A cameo appearance by Count Negroni!


The good stuff.

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