The Perfect Martini is Here!

The quest that began with my BLOG entry of March 8, 2016: In Search of the Perfect Martini has reached fruition with the LATEST VIDEO from KEVIN'S COCKTAIL MINUTE! Check it out by clicking the link below. And stay dry! POST SCRIPT: I love "James Bond", so all my martinis must be shaken, not stirred. It doesn't diffuse and dilute it that much more than if it were vigorously stirred. The point, after all, is to get it nice and cold, and shaking gets a drink colder than does stirring. (Besides, there's something about those little flecks of ice that float around, like precious jewels.) And don't believe it if they say shaking will "bruise the gin." Gobbledygook! If the liquor's taste is a bit sharper through shaking due to oxidation, then this is more than balanced out by the increased dilution of more ice becoming water. Nit-Pickers! For those of you who are Anti-Shakers, why not just mix refrigerated Gin and Vermouth and omit the ice altogether? But outside of scaffa (see the video from KEVIN'S COCKTAIL MINUTE: "Marcello's Cigarette Hangs Just Right From His Lips"), a drink needs that dilution. So back to the ice. Why not just ask the person ordering the drink how they want it... "How would you like your martini, Mr. Bond?"

"The Perfect Martini" (click that)

And always order a Gluten-free Martini, or else...

This... Yuck!

A little style doesn't hurt...

Love those Italian suits, cars, food, drink (especially the amari), & women!

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