I Fell For A Nutcase

The latest signature cocktail is like "The Vesper Martini", strong and delicious, with lots of Russian vodka, with the hint of lemon and elderflower. Created in the throes of love, like "The Vesper", it outlived the love itself (see drink name). Revenge is a drink best served cold, and in a chilled cocktail glass. Click on the link below for the video in KEVIN'S COCKTAIL MINUTE...


As an addendum, check out my article in The Huffington Post (under my pseudonym, Kevin Kunundrum) entitled: "Why I Hate Online Dating"

And on a related note, this new cocktail video: "Dating is Hell on Earth" Also, check out my RETRO COCKTAIL for August, 2016: "The Vesper Martini"

Not the Nutcase, but a close relation.

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