My Favorite Bourbon

I'm going to be deliberately vague. What's expected is that I give an in-depth review/critique of an array of bourbons with the requisite learned, worldly comments employing original, poetic descriptors. Fuck that. Everyone's taste is unique unto themselves. One man's meat, etcetera. I'll just say that there is a certain quality, no, characteristic, that I like in a glass of bourbon whiskey that makes me smile and choose it over something else. A certain smoothness, of course, but then the flavor comes in. And there are so many flavorful bourbons. Hell, delicious bourbons. Admittedly, I have only tried a fraction of what's out there, so if I leave something out, mea culpa, I might not have gotten to it yet. But what I will tell you are my favorites, my top dogs, my go-tos, inspired by a new brand that I tried tonight for the first time: 1792 Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. And be honest, doesn't it feel good just saying, "Straight bourbon whiskey, please" to your bartender... Then, of course, there's drinking it.

I love bourbon. Sipping it neat as it warms me to the depths of my being. Drinking it in cocktails, like the "Perfect Manhattan" I'm having right now. 1792 bourbon with Dolin French Vermouth (both sweet and extra dry, of course), with bitters and a nice Maraschino cherry. I just discovered 1792. Named for the year when Kentucky became a state, this bourbon is just right. (I'll leave the adjectives to someone else. After all, you're not drinking adjectives.) So with this non-review review in mind, I present to you my favorite bourbon whiskeys. It is a great time to be alive if you love bourbon.

In no particular order:

Basil Hayden's



1792 Hudson Baby Bourbon

And my honorable mentions that I would not kick out of the liquor cabinet, and if you offered them to me I would cheerfully accept... Larceny Maker's Mark Jefferson Reserve Woodford Reserve Russell's Reserve 10 Years Old

Elijah Craig

Knob Creek Eagle Rare Evan Williams


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