The Walnut Manhattan: A Different, Disarming, Delicious Variation

A new, inspired variation on the classic cocktail (and my producer’s new favorite). Bulleit Kentucky bourbon (Mmm!) with the bold Italian bittersweet vermouth Punt e Mes (its name means “one part sweet, a half part bitter”) balanced with the nutty deliciousness of Nocello Walnut Liqueur, with Hella Bitters Aromatic bitters, and a cherry on top (or in the glass).

Click on the link below for the video from KEVIN'S COCKTAIL MINUTE



"Nocello... It's salubrious!"


Also, check out the videos from KEVIN'S COCKTAIL MINUTE and the BLOG entries of these new, inspired variations: "MAD MANHATTAN", "I'LL TAKE MANHATTAN: THREE NEW MANHATTANS", "BADASS MANHATTAN", & "HEART OF DARKNESS"

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