Badass Manhattan: A New Variation That Kicks Ass!

My newest variation is one of the most complex and aggressive "Manhattans", with an assertive and overarching bitterness (from the artichoke-flavored amaro, Cynar, and the bittersweet Punt e Mes). The taste of Bulleit bourbon blends almost immediately with the Punt e Mes (like a hybrid of Sweet Vermouth and Campari). A split second later, an emphatic finish on the back of the palate from the Cynar, with the hint of sweetness (the spiced cherry bitters) dancing around the edges. Like a good conversation with an engaging friend or a worthy adversary, this is a new Manhattan for the 21st century that you’ll want to revisit and savor.

BADASS MANHATTAN 2 parts Bulleit Bourbon 
 ½ part Cynar
 ½ part Punt e Mes
 dash of Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry bitters a few dashes of freshly ground Black Pepper (optional) Stir everything over ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
 Garnish with a Tillen Farms Bada Bing cherry.


Kevin Kunundrum, Sky Jack Morgan, Pablo

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