Sky All Violet

Ernest loved his Gordon's Gin!

This drink was inspired by the classic cocktail "AVIATION", and its name was taken from a lyric from a song by Courtney Love’s band HOLE. Like "AVIATION", it is a deep violet color, but it’s more flavorful and delicious, with the addition of St. Germain, Fever-Tree premium Tonic Water, and lime juice. Add to this, a sumptuous fresh blackberry as a garnish. And don’t forget the Rhubarb bitters! (Yes, I DID forget to add the bitters in the video. Mea culpa!)

Click on the link to see the video in KEVIN'S COCKTAIL MINUTE: "Sky All Violet"

YES, I originally made this drink with Tanqueray Rangpur Gin, but switched to Gordon's because it tasted better.

And see the Retro Cocktail for October: AVIATION

Hole: "Violet"

(click on link to watch video)

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