The Jets Suck Again: A Sour Cocktail (& Video) for Another Season of Suckatude

Every year it’s the same. Football season comes around and the New York Jets get our hopes up for a moment and then dash them miserably. This is a green cocktail for long-suffering Jets fans. It’s sour with lots of alcohol, but it still tastes good (because we never give up hope). With six different liquors and liqueurs, grapefruit bitters, Shrub District cocktail vinegar, and fresh-squeezed lime juice. Maybe next year…

Click on the link below to watch the video in KEVIN'S COCKTAIL MINUTE and go back to 1968... "The Jets Suck Again"

Yes, that's a lime garnish shaped like a football!


The Jets green, and lots of liquor for a long losing season...

Why didn't I root for the Giants???

How every season ends... (And that TV is from 1968)

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