Embrace the Darkness: A Drink (& Video) to Get Us Through the Coming Apocalypse

A dark and bitter drink for these dark and bitter times. Sure, we’ll probably survive and it won’t be the Apocalypse, but whatever darkness descends, this drink will help get us through it. With one of the most delicious Rye Whiskies: Catoctin Creek, from Virginia. Add to that, the amari Campari and Averna, the American earthiness of Root Liqueur, the piquant bite of The Bitter Truth Celery bitters (with a lemon twist). After two of these salutary elixirs, things don’t look so bad. After three, happy days are here again! Click on link to watch the video from KEVIN'S COCKTAIL MINUTE: "EMBRACE THE DARKNESS"


"My advice to you is to start drinking heavily."

A checkered tie, to go along with my checkered past...

Oh no! We're almost out of Averna!

"Don't look down there! It's a mess!"

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