A Warming Drink for a Cold Winter's Night: More Scaffa!

In keeping with my recent love affair of "Scaffa style" (see BLOG entry for January 6, 2017: La Strada: A New Cocktail in the "Scaffa Style"), I offer a warming drink for this cold night. Cognac is the predominate player in this command performance. Hennessy, with Belle de Brillet (the cognac-based pear liqueur), plus Bénédictine. Add to this, the bitter yet flavorful bite of Campari (as well as its brilliant color), and grapefruit bitters, and you have a remarkably smooth, soothing drink to sip in front of the fire.

ON A COLD WINTER’S NIGHT 1 part Hennessy V.S. Cognac 
 ¾ part Bénédictine
 ½ part Belle de Brillet Pear Liqueur ½ part Campari
 dash of Fee Brothers Grapefruit bitters

 Build in a brandy snifter without ice. Stir. Garnish 
with an orange twist.


Also, please check out the BLOG entries for December 14, 2016: The Scaffa Trilogy, January 6, 2017: La Strada: A New Cocktail in the "Scaffa Style", January 29, 2017: Scofflaw: A New Cocktail—A Response to the Absurd, the Unjust, the Tyrannical, February 9. 2017: and the video in KEVIN'S COCKTAIL MINUTE: "Marcello's Cigarette Hangs Just Right From His Lips"

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