The Future is Now: Yes, This Drink is Freaking Awesome!

The Sex Pistols famously declared that there’s “no future for you, no future for me.” Where are they now when we need them most? Which brings me to my newest signature cocktail: “The Future is Now”. The past is the road of our reality in the rearview mirror, as we speed towards the horizon of our hopes about to be realized. But consider the word “horizon”, this imaginary place at the end of our vision that

recedes as we approach it. This is the only thing the future has going for it, much like Heaven (another imaginary place), the promise of endless possibilities. Yet, no matter how fast we race towards it, it remains just out of reach, and we clutch the air and bring back a handful of nothing. But the hope remains, like malaria, to flare up now and then, to keep us going when we’re at the end of our proverbial rope. Fuck the future! The future is now. Carpe Effing Diem, y’all! Celebrate the now, this ever-present present, with yourself, each other, and this drink. And yeah, it’s delicious. (What do you expect?) And with a cocktail like this, who needs the future? (As long as you don’t run out of Strega!)

THE FUTURE IS NOW 1 part Liquore Strega 1 part Spud Ginger Lemongrass Vodka
 ½ part Cappelletti Aperitivo Americano Rosso
 ½ part St. Germain
 ½ part Canada Dry Club Soda
 ½ part fresh-squeezed Lemon juice
 dash of Hella Bitters Ginger Lemon bitters 
Shake everything but Club Soda over ice. Stir in Club Soda,
 then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

The book behind the drink is



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