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The ethos of the punk rock movement:

1. Dinosaurs need to get extinct. 2. If you think you can do better, then do it.

3. If no one will let you, then do it anyway.

4. DIY, and fuck 'em.



We now celebrate ONE YEAR ONLINE with KEVIN’S COCKTAILS! Since the website debuted in March of 2016, we’ve accomplished a lot, and things that NO OTHER cocktail website even attempts. (The sound of us patting ourselves on the back…) But hey, we HAVE done a lot. So let’s review…

KEVIN’S COCKTAIL MINUTE Our signature cocktail VIDEOS, often goofy, sometimes serious, always informative, as your affable host and Doctor of Mixology, Kevin Postupack, M.D., takes us step by step through his latest cocktail creations (sometimes accompanied by Anna Child, his lovely assistant). Over the past year, we’ve released almost 40 VIDEOS of original drinks (and oddly, the one for Kevin’s “Perfect Martini” is the most popular. Well, it is a damn good martini! And yes, he prefers shaken to stirred. He’s a big James Bond fan, so sue us).

RETRO COCKTAILS Our specialty category where we feature a vintage cocktail each month, sometimes with a unique twist, always with an entertaining tale of the drink and its history, plus lots of cool photos. So if you want to make a great “Aviation”, “Sazerac”, or “Last Word”, then this is your place.

BLOG We love our website, but the thing we are most proud of is the BLOG. Over the past year, there have been almost 130 BLOG POSTS, featuring over 90 original signature cocktails, plus 20 classic cocktails. In addition, we’ve covered all aspects of Mixology, from famous mixology mentors, to the different types of liquor, liqueurs, and bitters, to eight new versions of a “Manhattan” (including the “Walnut Manhattan”, our producer’s favorite), a new “Negroni”, a surprising new “Margarita” (with Yellow Chartreuse), an “Appletini" to die for, an improvement on the “Blue Motorcycle” (the “Red Motorcycle”), as well as the above-mentioned “Perfect Martini”.

And the topics covered are as wide-ranging as Kevin’s imagination. From the LATEST COCKTAIL TRENDS, such as “Scaffa" and “American Gin”, to the perfect martini ratio of gin to vermouth (it’s not 5 to 1). There are drinks inspired by ACTORS, such as Brigitte Bardot, Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Audrey Hepburn, and Hollywood’s Golden Age. MOVIES, such as Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Citizen Kane, North By Northwest, Dr. Strangelove, as well as classic Italian Cinema (Fellini, Antonioni, and Kevin’s favorite, Marcello Mastroianni. Who’s cooler than Marcello?). LITERATURE & POETRY, such as Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, the poetry of ee cummings and Jack Morgan, Hemingway’s love

for Gordon’s Gin, and Kevin’s novel Mudville and his acclaimed memoir Tales of Insomnia Despair & the Perfect Cocktail (from which a number of signature drinks appear). ART, including Art Deco, the Impressionists, Frieda Kahlo & Diego Rivera. MUSIC, with Whitesnake, the Sex Pistols & Punk Rock. PHILOSOPHY, with Schopenhauer meets Alcohol, Nietszche meets Whitesnake (and Tawney Kitaen)! THE ART OF DEBATE, with Gore Vidal & William F. Buckley Jr. (bring back erudition, PLEASE!). SPORTS, with boxing great Jack Johnson, Formula One Auto Racing, Wimbledon, Mickey Mantle, and the hapless New York Jets (we miss Mark Sanchez). RANDOM TOPICS, such as 70’s Porno, the Queen of England, Amsterdam, Teddy Roosevelt’s badassitude, old Alfa Romeo Sports cars, and drinks whose

names are palindromes. LATIN AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARIES, such as Sandino and Trotsky (okay, Trotsky was Russian, but he died in Mexico—see the drink “The Assassination of Trotsky”). HOLIDAY DRINKS, for Christmas, New Year’s, St. Patty’s Day, The Day of The Dead, and for parties, such as “The Chocolate Panty Remover”. POP CULTURE, such as Mad Men, James Bond, Mission: Impossible, Snapchat, Selfies, and of course that pervasive pit of doom known as Dating & Relationships (ugh). And SOCIAL COMMENTARY & CRITIQUE, such as the Arms Race, the Space Race, the Cocktail Race, The Doomsday Gap, Nuclear Holocaust, Bomb Shelters, Mussolini, Trump and our present political climate. Milieu? Pickle? Catastrophe? With trenchant original essays (with abundant humor, not to mention, alcohol!).

All in all, there’s nothing like KEVIN’S COCKTAILS. So make one of Kevin’s signature drinks, or a delicious Retro Cocktail, and take your time to peruse the website and the BLOG. And drop us a line if you have something to say—a comment, kudos or constructive criticism, a new drink or liqueur we should know about—as we love to hear from you. Cheers from all of us at KEVIN’S COCKTAILS, and here’s to another year of great and inspiring drinks, words, humor, and good fellowship!

KUDOS Many thanks to our producer, Ashby Wratchford, for all of his time and expertise, to Anna Child & Alex Koska, to Terri Sears and Josh Buckland for invaluable photography and website assistance, and to our friends who’ve let us use their home bars for KEVIN'S COCKTAIL MINUTE episodes (and of course for the great after-parties). Love to you all. Cheers!

"One small sip for man... One giant drink for mankind..."

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