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Retro Cocktail for December: B&W Russian

December 1, 2017

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Insomnia, Deep Thoughts, & a Delicious Drink: To Life!

February 17, 2017



Maybe it's because of the body that our minds suffer as they do. This plaguing notion that the music one day will stop, the dance come to an end. Perhaps those rare moments, those glimpses of connectedness that seem like enlightenment, are the body being one with the mind because most of the time what we feel is disconnected; from the world; from each other and ourselves. And all that sounds kind of good and Zen-like, those ephemeral enlightened moments, but the rest of the time our minds and our bodies are stuck with each other, perpetually out of synch.

Personally, I would not want to be a disembodied spirit, except for the obvious advantages it would provide in international travel. No more waiting at the airport for six hours between flights! But then once I instantly appeared in Paris or Amsterdam, I would want to be in my body again. The mind recognizes what we feel and experience, but it’s the body doing the feeling and

experiencing! I love that I can pour a glass of wine and smell it, smell everything about it including the wooden barrels where it lived and the earth in which it was born. That I can hear music, these invisible vibrations that float in the air and soothe or enliven, agitate or inspire. That I can feel the cobblestones beneath my feet on an ancient street in Amsterdam, and that I can see a beautiful woman ride by on her bicycle and ring the bell on the handlebars as she tells me to get out of her way. And that I can walk into a café and eat a meal, and this food I need to survive has taste and that these tastes at times are quite marvelous. There’s a French saying, “To say no to Champagne is to say no to life.” Can a disembodied spirit appreciate Champagne?


The above is an excerpt from my memoir. To read the rest, click on the link below and take it from there:

In the meantime, here's a fabulous drink from that very same book...





1½ parts Aperol
3/4 part Broker's Gin
3/4 part Aperitivo Cocchi Americano
½ part Crème Yvette
½ part Ocean Spray White Cranberry juice
½ part fresh-squeezed Lemon juice
dash of The Bitter Truth Celery bitters

Shake over ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish by floating a slice of red pepper on top.






















                                                                       To life!


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