Lowball: A New Cocktail, & New Lyrics to an Old Song

"The Colonel Bogey March" dates back to 1914 in Great Britain, and was originally about golf. It enjoyed a new life in World War II as an inspirational song against Hitler and "The Master Race", and then again as the famous tune whistled in the 1957 film "The Bridge on the River Kwai". Current events being what they are, I felt it was high time to reintroduce the song, with updated lyrics, along with an accompanying cocktail.*

Here is the song's melody: "The River Kwai March"

and here are the lyrics from WWII: Hitler has only got one ball Göring has two but very small Himmler has something sim'lar But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all

and now here are my updated lyrics:

Trumpler has only got one ball Bannon has two but very small Ryan he keeps denyin’ the fact that he doesn't have balls at all

*Thanks to my pals Bruce Elder and David

Jordan for inspiring this drink & BLOG post!


LOWBALL 1 part Broker’s Gin
 1 part Cynar 
½ part Amaro Nonino 
¼ part Fernet-Branca
 ½ part Canada Dry Club Soda
 dash of Angostura Aromatic bitters
 Stir over ice, then strain into a rocks glass.
 Garnish with an orange peel.


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