A Drink For Jack Morgan on the Event of His Birthday: To Die Penniless Looking at Stars

The flag flies often at half mast. Last time it stayed like that for fifty years. In America we just keep it there because tragedy is how we roll and we like to be reminded by giant symbols writhing in the wind. When we beat the shit out of someone, we take them to a station in the woods where we weigh their wallets and their carcasses and high-five because that’s how we were raised, to destroy beauty like a flagpole. We build you up to tear you down then we kick you until you never want to stand all the way up again.


This is my present to you, dear friend, a drink to recall happy, hopeful days. The adventures we shared still animate my soul.

For those who don't know, Jack Morgan is a poet, my favorite poet, whose words are painful and beautiful and fragile as the tip of a spear. They're filled with cigarette-filled neon nights and half-closed eyes. And indomitable spirits struck down with lost hope, and light illuminating shadows where hope has retreated—where it's found again.

His words are here—above and below—from his new book: The Chris Hemsworth Sonnets. Finish it soon, my friend! The world needs its poets. Now more than ever. The title of the new drink is from this book. I see it as a toast for poets, as they bring their glasses together...


TO DIE PENNILESS LOOKING AT STARS 1 part Bulleit Rye Whiskey 1 part Luxardo Amaro Abano ½ part Fernet-Branca
 ½ part Yellow Chartreuse 
splash of Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur 
liberal dashes of Fee Brothers Black Walnut bitters Stir over ice. Strain into a chilled coupe
 glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

"howling for the fires of five suns and wondering how the world stopped loving"


There was a waltz on a line of razorwire. There was a weapon on the sidelines of our trust, but only one of us could have reached for it between the garbage and the flowers. And it was a pragmatic destructor who took notes while my sleepy head shook. And it was a reminder that I am American and will fall far from my tower.


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Skyjack—A Fernet-Branca Cocktail

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