A New Cocktail for When Fighting the Good Fight is Not Enough

Vincent Van Gogh famously stated, "Indeed, life is a battle." He knew what he was talking about, being the definitive struggling artist who sold only one painting in his lifetime; who went crazy, cut off his own ear, and died by his own hand. The arbitrariness of life... that for some, they remain invisible, while for others, the cornucopia of plenty is poured upon them. The blithe indifference of the universe, with no rhyme or reason, other than it just is. Indeed, it is a sorry lot, to be an artist. But to ease the pain before the eternal solace, I offer this drink. An absolutely wondrous variation on a martini, dry and smooth and bitterly tastefully delicious, with the hint of something better off in the distance, that intangible vestige of hope that somehow keeps you going...



1 part Veev Açai Spirit
 Liqueur 1 part Broker’s London Dry Gin
 ½ part Cîroc Vodka
 splash of Bols Triple Sec
 1 part Ocean Spray White Cranberry juice
 ¼ part fresh-squeezed Lime juice splash of Shrub District Lime Cocktail Vinegar

 Shake over ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail 
glass. Garnish with three halves of Kiwi Berries* 
on a pick.


*Kiwi Berries (Click on link)



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