Swedish Fish Martini: Yeah, You Heard That Right

A busy market in Stockholm where fresh Swedish Fish are sold.


A martini should have a bite to it. After all, it’s all alcohol—gin (or vodka) and extra dry vermouth, with that olive (or two or three) to balance out the flavors. So it is disturbing to this particular mixologist, moi, the current trend of calling any drink served in a cocktail glass “a martini”. See BLOG post for March 8, 2016: In Search of the Perfect Martini. So with this in mind, it may seem like a contradiction, this BLOG post, and my newest cocktail creation being called just that. Well, in my, and its, defense, the character of my new drink is that of a martini: that being dry with a bite. And it is mostly gin. And after that first sip, you're left with a martini-like taste on the palate. But instead of vermouth and olives, you have the subtle citrus palette (see what I did there?) of raspberry, sour orange, and pomegranate, offset by the acidic bite of grapefruit vinegar. This is not a sweet drink, even with the Swedish Fish as a garnish. It’s a martini variation, for when you want a martini, but with some exotic pizazz. (And those Swedish Fish taste pretty darn good after being soaked in this drink for the time it takes to drink it.)


SWEDISH FISH MARTINI 2 parts Citadelle Gin
 ½ part Chambord
 splash of Grand Marnier 
splash of Pama Pomegranate Liqueur 
½ part Fever-Tree Tonic Water splash of Shrub District Grapefruit Cocktail Vinegar

 Stir over ice, then pour into a chilled cocktail glass. 
Garnish with three Swedish Fish on a pick.


A school of Swedish fish off the coast of Scandinavia.


Another view of this marvelous drink...

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