She Blinded Me With Science: An Empirically Good Cocktail


The Scientific Method is all about replicating the experiment. It’s not subjective. It’s not anecdotal. If the guy doing the experiment is a really nice fellow with a winning personality but his conclusions are whack, the experiment is invalid. And even if something has been proven again and again, scientists keep at it, to further test the hypothesis, to see if it still holds water. How many times has Einstein’s Theory of Relativity been challenged in the past hundred years? But it still holds up. Because he got it right. Because Science is not about opinions or popularity or whatever’s fashionable. It’s about approaching that which is immutable. It’s about objective truth in the scientific sense, which is antipodal to our present political climate, which is more in line with the days of the Spanish Inquisition, witch burnings, and a good old-fashioned salubrious bleeding à la leeches. Airplanes fly and computers compute and rocket ships burst into outer space because Science works. It’s not a hope or a wish or a prayer. It’s quantifiable. It’s repeatable. And what a noble pursuit, to discover what makes the Universe tick! In honor of this, I present my latest cocktail…


SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE 1½ parts Russell’s Reserve 10 Years Old 
 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ½ part Noilly Prat Extra Dry Vermouth ½ part Campari
 or Cynar ½ part Licor 43 
½ part Canada Dry Club Soda 
splash of Shrub District Grapefruit Cocktail Vinegar 
dash of Hella Bitters Orange bitters Stir over ice. Pour into a rocks glass, or up in a chilled cocktail glass.
 Garnish with an orange peel.

And because this is Science as well as Art, this drink is opened to further experimentation. Perhaps Peychaud's bitters instead of orange. Maybe less Licor 43, for a drink less sweet (although I do like those notes of vanilla). And what about a blend of Campari and Cynar?




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