Above the Swirling Chaos: A New Drink in the "Scaffa" Style

"We are separate from everything around us, but a part of it all. The deceptions & manipulations, the self-serving ambition, the arbitrary cruelty, the senseless destruction of the beautiful, as well as the selfless caring, the anonymous acts of goodwill, the striving against what seems insuperable, the hope in the face of a life that is both fragile & finite. We are the endless facets that make up a human being. Like a shattered mirror pieced together, the reflection may be flawed but it's true nonetheless, the cracks in the glass allowing our truest selves to emerge."

—Kevin Postupack, Uglynakedbeast


ABOVE THE SWIRLING CHAOS 1 part Russell’s Reserve 10 Years-Old
 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 
 ½ part Cynar
 ½ part Crème de Cassis
 ¼ part Grind Espresso Shot Liqueur
 dash of Fee Brothers Plum bitters Build in a tumbler without ice. Stir. Garnish with a 
French prune.



All artwork by Kevin Postupack (click on link) Kevin's Art

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