Thoughts & Prayers: A Cocktail Filled With Healing

Through the miracle of the Internet, the world has become a more compassionate place. In the old days of the bygone 20th Century, if someone was having a bad time of it, if they suffered a loss, a tragedy, a sickness, or a setback, then those who knew them, of their lives and their plight, might send them a handwritten card, a telegram, a bouquet of flowers. At best, they would undertake a personal visit; at the very least, a phone call. But obviously, this actually going out into the world takes time, effort, and money (in the case of flowers, a telegram, or a heartfelt card from Hallmark), while talking on the phone is so last century. In this fast-paced 21st Century of ours, there are losses, tragedies, sicknesses, and setbacks happening all the time. It’s hard to keep up!

Enter the Internet. Today, we can reach out to practically everyone in the world, online, from the comfort of our homes. We can offer our warmest, deepest, sincerest regards for them and their plight, simply by typing “thoughts and prayers” on our phone or laptop, and pressing “send”. And almost immediately, we’ll feel better, because through these thoughts and prayers we’ll have showed them just how much we care. And while we might not be able to afford a steady stream of flowers or sympathy cards, we can certainly send out an endless amount of thoughts and prayers. We can pray for Paris and London and Antwerp and Nice, and now Manchester! And these poor victims can take heart and feel better that we cared enough to type “thoughts and prayers” (hey, no ampersand for me! I type out the entire word

because I care that much!). And if we’re absolutely overflowing with empathy, we can even change our profile pic on Facebook to have their country’s flag superimposed on it. And as my thoughts and prayers are rushing towards them, via Facebook and Twitter, everyone else’s thoughts and prayers are racing towards them as well. The healing power must be overwhelming! Surely, if everyone sent out their thoughts and prayers, all things would be made better, all wounds healed, all hearts mended. And since we have an unlimited supply of thoughts and prayers, and since it costs us nothing to send them out, we can cast our gaze across the globe, to the downtrodden and downcast, to the victims of disaster and malice, to the sad, depressed, and disenchanted. In short, to the world’s suffering masses, and offer our spiritual healing. The only problem is that it does take time to actually type “thoughts and prayers” and press the send button. After all, there are so many people in need of healing. If only there were an App for our phone, where we could type “thoughts and prayers” once a day and then they’d fly out in all directions simultaneously to all who are in need! Sigh. But until then, we do what we can. And if we don’t have the time to type “thoughts and prayers”, we can do the next best thing. Think positive thoughts in their direction!



 2 parts Healing Thoughts
 1½ parts Prayers
 1 part Compassion
 ½ part Empathy
 ¼ part Condolences dash of Sympathy splash of Commiseration (optional) Shake over ice, then pour into a chilled cocktail glass.
 Garnish with Positivity and a side of Rumi.




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